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General Dentistry

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Are you in need of a Raleigh dentist for general dentistry services such as teeth cleanings and checkups? Look no further than Smiles at Glenwood!

Conveniently located in downtown Raleigh, NC, our office offers the sense of compassion and community that customers have come to expect from their family dentist. Whether you’re just coming in for a checkup or one of our other dental services, we take the time to get to know each and every one of our patients.

Dental Checkup Evaluation

At Smiles at Glenwood, we believe the most important part of a thorough general exam is being able to understand the complete health of your gums and teeth. When it comes to getting a thorough dental exam, Raleigh patients have trusted our process for years. We offer an optional OralDNA Labs service and provide an annual dental x-ray exam.

OralDNA Labs

Oral DNA LabsAs part of our preventive dentistry services, our office offers clinical laboratory services from OralDNA Labs™ to help us provide our patients the most accurate oral health information available. OralDNA Labs™ is a specialty diagnostics company that is designed to provide reliable, definitive and cost effective clinical tests that guide oral health professionals in detecting and treating disease at an earlier stage.

Dental X-rays

Another preventive service we offer is x-rays. Dental x-rays are often done once every year, and the service is performed prior to your regular teeth cleaning. X-rays allows our dental hygienists to examine the supportive tissues and bones underneath your gums, which helps diagnose any possible cavities, infections and even gum disease. For younger patients, x-rays also allow us to examine developing teeth, including the progress of any incoming wisdom teeth.

Dental Exam Procedure

Teeth Cleaning

At Smiles at Glenwood, we encourage our patients to come in for a professional cleaning and checkup at least twice a year, or once every six months. Having your teeth cleaned and examined twice a year plays a crucial part in preventing cavities and other oral health problems. We believe we offer the most comprehensive teeth cleaning Raleigh has to offer, and we will ensure that you leave with a fresh, healthy smile.

Our teeth cleanings include:

Oral Health Evaluation

Not only does preventive dentistry help keep your mouth healthy, but it also gives your dentist the opportunity to diagnose any problems you may have and treat them promptly. After your teeth cleaning, Dr. Arrick will perform a general check of your oral health, including diagnosing any cavities or gum issues. If you’ve had an x-ray prior to your treatment, we will visually inspect any problem areas and recommend additional treatments as needed.

Post-Dental Checkup Treatment

Cavity Treatments

At the end of every dental exam, the big question is “Do I have any cavities?” If a cavity is found during your dental checkup, we may recommend you schedule an appointment for a dental filling. Filling a cavity with either a composite resin (tooth colored) or a metal alloy is an outpatient procedure that helps completely fill the cavity space to prevent additional tooth decay. If the tooth decay is more severe, it may be necessary to schedule a root canal.

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