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Mini Implants


Mini Dental Implants Raleigh NC

Mini-Implants work in a similar way to regular dental implants, however usually they can be ready to be used quicker and can be installed with a less invasive fitting method.

Although not always, mini-implants can often be placed directly into the jawbone without having to create an incision into the gums, as is necessary with traditional implants. The mini-implants themselves are roughly the size of a standard wooden toothpick, and are often used when the jawbone will not support standard implants. Mini-implants are attached to the jawbone similar to a screw into wood, and therefore can usually be used the same day to eat, drink, and chew.

The choice between Implants and Mini-Implants should be carefully researched, and a qualified Smiles At Glenwood dentist would be able to give the best advice as to which path to take.

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