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5 Halloween-Friendly Treats

Delight Trick or Treaters With A Twist on Sweets

It’s almost here, the holiday that delights children and adults alike as they creatively plan the perfect costume. On October 31, neighborhoods will be flooded with little trick or treaters ringing doorbells to fill their buckets full of candy. Candy may taste delicious, but some types can have a negative effect on teeth, creating issues like cavities.

Less Trick, More Treat

No one wants to be the house that the kids avoid, so draw in the little ghosts and goblins with these 5 sweet treats that won’t take as big of a toll on their teeth.bag of candy

  1. Sugar-free gum. Getting a pack of gum can be exciting to kids, especially if they don’t know it’s helping their teeth.
  2. Seasoned pumpkin seeds. Whether homemade or store bought, these crunchy options can be either sweet or salty, and don’t tend to get wedged between teeth and gums.
  3. Honey sticks. The natural sugars of honey satisfy their sweet tooth, while only packing a few calories. Honey can be sticky, so these should be given out in moderation.
  4. Juice boxes. Look for the reduced or sugar free options to give kids a sweet treat, without exposing them to beverages like soda.
  5. Pretzels. Small bags of pretzels are easy to hand out and provides a nice variety to the usual sugary candy they have in their bag.

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Of course, handing out fruits and vegetables aren’t going to excite trick or treaters but these five options are great alternatives to chewy, taffy-like candy that clings tight to teeth and doesn’t easily let go. With the holiday season around the corner, now is the perfect time to schedule a dental checkup to ensure both your teeth and gums are clean and disease free.