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Caring for Dental Implants

Don’t Forget Routine Maintenance for Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are worry-free, convenient, and effortless, right?

Not exactly. While implants are a safe and effective way to replace missing teeth, many dental implant patients are lacking the knowledge to properly care for their implants. Though it is easy to mistake your dental implants as indestructible porcelain structures, incapable of infection or deterioration, this isn’t the case.

Numerous dental implant experts emphasize the importance of properly caring for your implants as you would for authentic teeth. Philip Friel of the Association of Dental Implantology stresses, “Implants are no different from natural teeth and roots. They must be kept clean and maintained regularly.”

Whether you have one implant or multiple implants, proper knowledge and routine care is required for implants to remain clean, effective, and harmless. Implants should be treated no differently from natural teeth. They are not replacements requiring little to no care. Rather, they should be cared for and examined by a professional on a regular basis.

Dental Implant Services from Arrick & Associates, DDS

The trained professionals at Arrick & Associates have the expertise and diligence to provide you with restoration services for your dental implants and the knowledge to care for them properly. We are happy to help repair or replace current implants for patients who need routine care on their implants.

We offer restorative work for 2 types of implants at Arrick & Associates. They include:

  1. Dental implants: These are sturdier versions of dentures, and are long-lasting replacements for lost teeth.
  2. Mini implants: Mini implants are smaller than conventional implants and are used in unique cases that require use of modified/ smaller implant styles.

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