A smile makeover is a tailored and comprehensive dental treatment plan designed to significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile. It includes a combination of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures aimed at achieving a beautiful and healthy smile. A smile makeover may be the ideal choice if your smile is marred by missing teeth, noticeable gaps, broken or chipped teeth, excessive tooth wear, yellowed or discolored teeth, misshapen teeth, minor dental misalignment, or decayed and damaged teeth.

When a single dental procedure alone is not enough to deliver the results you desire, our experienced dentists may recommend a smile makeover to completely redesign and rebuild your teeth and smile. By integrating multiple cosmetic procedures into your treatment plan, we can ensure that you achieve the captivating and healthy smile you have always envisioned. Some of the treatments our dentists may include in your treatment plan are:

Dr. Candice Arrick will work closely with you, discussing your oral health, unique dental needs and aesthetic preferences to develop a personalized treatment strategy that will give you the healthy, confident smile of your dreams.

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