Tooth extraction, the removal of a tooth, is a procedure that our Raleigh dentist and team provide only when it is deemed the most suitable course of action for restoring your oral health and function. While preserving your natural teeth is always the preferred option, certain circumstances may necessitate the extraction of a tooth. These circumstances include:

  • Severe infections that have extensively damaged the tooth and its supporting bone structure
  • Serious decay that has rendered the tooth beyond repair, making successful restoration unfeasible
  • Overcrowding caused by an overcrowded mouth may also warrant tooth extraction to ensure proper dental alignment
  • Injury or trauma which has caused damage beyond what restorative treatments can repair

Comfort-Focused Tooth Extractions

Our experienced Raleigh dentist and team prioritize your comfort and painless experience during the tooth extraction procedure. We take great care to minimize your discomfort, working to remove the tooth as gently as possible and providing local anesthetics to alleviate discomfort during the extraction procedure itself. We will also provide comprehensive post-treatment care instructions so you can heal and recover.

Following your extraction, our Raleigh dentist will review your options for replacing the missing tooth or teeth to give you back optimal oral health and function as well as a beautiful smile.

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