If you have multiple missing teeth, dentures may be a good option for restoring the functionality, aesthetics, and health of your smile. There are two main types of dentures: complete and partial dentures.

Understanding Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are recommended when you have lost your entire upper or lower arch of teeth. In some cases, both arches may require complete dentures. Our Raleigh dentist may also suggest the use of a denture adhesive to enhance the stability and comfort of your dentures, ensuring they stay securely in place.

Understanding Partial Dentures

On the other hand, partial dentures come into play when some natural teeth remain while others are missing. This type of denture is designed with a thin framework or clasps that attach to your existing natural teeth. This is to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

Regardless of which type of denture you receive, our Raleigh dentist will ensure that your prosthetic is tailored to your unique needs so that fits comfortably, provides you with a naturally beautiful smile, and functions properly for you.

The Benefits of Dentures

The benefits of dentures extend beyond aesthetics, as this restoration works to improve your ability to speak and eat effectively, restores your natural facial volume, and enhances the overall beauty of your smile.

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