Digital X-rays represent a significant leap forward in diagnostic dentistry, revolutionizing the way we capture essential information for your dental care. This modern technology has enhanced the speed, comfort and convenience of obtaining dental X-rays while minimizing the exposure to radiation and eliminating the need for traditional film and chemical development.

In contrast to conventional X-rays that employ film, digital X-rays employ a digital sensor to capture images of your teeth. This process involves emitting a tiny amount of radiation, after which the captured photos are converted into detailed digital images, ensuring precise results with minimal exposure.

One of the key advantages of digital X-rays is the immediate availability of high-quality images. Our dentists can view these images on monitors right in the treatment room, enabling prompt and accurate diagnoses. This capability is vital in identifying various dental issues, including decay between teeth, developmental abnormalities, improper tooth root positioning, cysts, abscesses, fractures in existing fillings, tumors, infection in tooth nerves and bone loss.

Digital X-rays are an indispensable tool in planning and executing various dental treatments, such as oral surgery procedures, root canal treatments, dental implants and orthodontics. This technology ensures that your treatment is precisely tailored to your needs, enhancing the overall quality of your dental care.

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