Perio Protect® is a comprehensive, noninvasive gum disease treatment that aims to enhance your oral health and ensure your comfort throughout the process. This innovative approach combines chemical plaque removal with traditional techniques like scaling and root planing to effectively combat gum disease.

In the chemical plaque removal phase of Perio Protect, our skilled dentists will provide you with custom-made Perio Trays® tailored to your mouth’s unique contours. These specialized trays are designed to deliver precisely prescribed medical solutions to the infected areas within your gingival crevices and periodontal pockets. Detailed instructions on how to use your Perio Tray will be provided, ensuring ease of use.

The prescribed medications administered via the Perio Tray play a pivotal role in managing the biofilm in your mouth, preventing the resurgence of harmful bacterial communities between your visits to our office. If necessary, our dentists may complement your treatment with additional procedures or chemical removal techniques to address additional concerns or problems resulting from gum disease before proceeding with scaling and root planing or other manual periodontal procedures.

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