A dental crown, also referred to as teeth caps, is a highly versatile dental restoration. Its primary function is to restore teeth that have received significant damage or decay. When a tooth is in such a state that a simple dental filling will not suffice, a dental crown is the solution. Crowns are custom-made to fit precisely over the damaged tooth, starting at the gumline, effectively restoring the tooth to its original shape and size. They are crafted from a variety of materials, including gold, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain crowns are particularly popular because they closely match the natural color and appearance of your teeth, ensuring a natural and seamless smile.

Why Dental Crowns are Great for Restoring a Tooth

There are several compelling reasons to consider dental crowns beyond tooth restoration. They play a crucial role in protecting a tooth after root canal treatment, serving as a sturdy shield. Additionally, crowns can anchor and attach a dental bridge, cover a dental implant, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile. If you have a misshapen tooth, a dental crown can be used to improve its appearance. Moreover, crowns offer strength to fractured or weakened teeth, and they can provide support when a large filling is necessary and little natural tooth structure remains.

Our Raleigh dentist will evaluate your teeth and mouth to determine which type of crown is right for your needs and begin the process of creating your crown. It typically requires two appointments to complete your dental crown and fully restore your smile.

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